Beginning of an activity of the WJK Gastroentorologia Konińska is dated on 1983, when doctor Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska began her private medical practice. Decisive year for further medical activity was 1992 when the first endoscope was purchased. In 1998 Wojewoda Koniński created Niepubliczny Specialistyczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej Gastroentorologia Konińska with the decision no. 18/98 of Nov.4, 1998.

In 2002, after many years of efforts, a process of construction of the hospital building started. Its structure provides both an out-patient attention unit and departments for hospital medical attention.

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The whole medical building area is 740 m2 with six consulting rooms, two endoscopic laboratories having separate room for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopic equipment , USG laboratory, and four-bed hospital ward.

At 25 March 2003 Wojewoda Koniński approved changes in the medical register according to which WJK Gastroentorologia Konińska Specjalistyczna i Podstawowa Opieka Zdrowotna consists of the following organizational units:In the hospital part there is a four-bed ward (one-man rooms). Every room is fully sanitary equipped, with television set and telephone. The nourishment of patients will be hold in catering form.Klinika 2016-2 010Klinika 2016-2 011Klinika 2016-2 009Klinika 2016-2 012


Opening ceremony of the hospital building took place on Jan.18,2003 and was honoured by senator Franciszek Bobrowski, senator Ryszard Sławiński and Romuald Andrzejewski the Late Excellency the Archbishop of Wrocław Diocese. Bishop Władysław Blin from White Russia Witebsk Diocese imparted the blessing for doctor Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska from Pope Jan Paweł II. The blessing formulae hangs on honourable place in the hospital reception hall.

  1. Gastroentorology Consulting Room.
  2. Out-patient Endoscopy Centre.
  3. Endoscopic Treatment Laboratory.
  4. USG Laboratory.
  5. Electrocardiography Room.
  6. Gastroentorological Dispensary for Adults.
  7. Gastroentorological Dispensary for Children.
  8. Histopathological Dispensary.
  9. Intestinal Diseases Dispensary.
  10. Proctological Dispensary.
  11. Oncological Dispensary.
  12. Oncological Surgery.
  13. Gastroentorological Ward – Single-day Gastroentorology.
  14. Treatment Room.

Doctor Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska is responsible for the medical part. She is specialist for internal diseases and gastroentorology and is graduated at Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Warsaw, 1973.za czescza czesc 2

Stefan Kasiński is responsible for the economic part of the firm. He was graduated (M.A.) in 1973 at Economical-Social Faculty of the Central School for Planning and Statistics in Warsaw (today’s Central Commerce School).

Doctor Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska is engaged in gastroenterology since 1980. In 1980 she took a training on gastroenterological endoscopy and biopsy of liver in Gastroentorological Clinic of the Internal Diseases Institute of the Medical Academy at Poznań.

Professional schooling in colonoscopy and polypectomy she has taken in Medical Postgraduate Training Centre of the Gastroentorology and Metabolism Clinic in Warsaw.

She has participated in the post-graduate training courses on progress in endoscopy in Berlin (1995), Birmingham (1997), Rome (1999), Brussels (2000), Amsterdam (2001), Geneva (2002), Madrid (2003), Prague (2004), Copenhagen (2005), Berlin (2006), Paris (2007) and in Vienna (2008) during European Gastroentorologic Congress (UEGW). She has taken part in post-graduate training courses on progress in endoscopy during World Gastroenterology Congress in Vienna (1998), Bangkok (2002) and in Montreal (2005).
Doctor Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska is a member of American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) since 2006, and she has participated in the post-graduate courses arranged by the Association during annual gastroenterologic congresses DDW (Digestive Disease Week) in Los Angeles (2006), Washington (2007) and San Diego (2008). In 1994 she participated in the European Workshop on Progress in Alimentary Canal Endoscopy at Katowice, and in 1997 she participated in Xth International Workshop on pathology of stomach, duodenum and Helicobacter pylori at Lisbon. Since 1995 she takes part in successive European Gastroentorology Congresses in Berlin, Paris, Birmingham, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneve, Madrid, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and Vienna, In 1998 she participated in World Gastroentorologic Congress in Vienna, in 2002 in Bangkok, and in Montreal in 2005. Since 2006 she participates in American gastroenterological congresses.

In 1994 she took part in European Workshop on Progress in Endoscopy of Alimentary Canal at Katowice, and in 1997 in the 10th International Workshop at Lisbon on pathology of stomach, duodenum and helicobacter pylori.

Since 1995 she participates in annual European Gastroentorology Congresses “United European Gastroentorological Week” at Berlin, Birmingham, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Madrid and Praga.

Dr Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska has been the worker of the Joined Provincial Hospital at Konin by 26 years at positions: student assistant, assistant, head of the Gastroentorological Endoscopy Laboratory (22 year ago she was an initiator of this Laboratory), and Vice-head for Diagnostics of the Medical Ward.

In the period 1983-1992 she was the Managing Director of the Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Centre at Konin and simultaneously she worked in the Hospital.

Since May 1, 1999 dr Wiesława Jabłońska-Kasińska Manages her own medical institution Gastroentorologia Konińska.

In January 2005 dr. Wiesława Jabłonka-Kasińska has been recognized by patients in a competition as the best specialist in the Konin region and awarded with a commemorative engraverty. Moreover, during a ceremonial gala at Leszno she was honoured with Esculape 2004 statuette, as one of the fifth best physicians in Wielkopolska (Great Poland Province). This was a very distinguish award since it was acknowledged by patients by a voting in the competition.

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Stefan Kasiński is an autonomous plenipotentiary and director of the WJK Gastroenterologia Konińska. Previously, since 1976 he acted at managing positions in various national establishments: as a director in the municipal and housing firm; as a vice-director in the road and streets undertaking; as a director in the municipal transportation firm. In the period 1986- 1989 he was a vice-director for economy and administration in the Wojwódzki Szpital Zespolony (Provincial Joint Hospital) in Konin. During next year he was a director of PTHW and a commissioner manager in the public transportation firms in Turek and Koło. From October 2004 he is engaged exclusively in WJK Gastroentorologia Konińska. From this year he has participated in every European and World Gastroentorological Congresses with interest to modern medical equipments.