Polyps are removed from gullet, stomach, duodenum and fat intestine and angiodisplasic focuses are liquidated. The German apparatus ERBE-ICC is used.
From February 1, 2005 we apply the argon countershaft.




Laboratory is also equipped in pulsexymeter.


Patients are treated for diseases of upper section of alimentary canal: gullet, stomach and duodenum, and diseases of lower section of alimentary canal; fat intestine, anus (the haemorrhoids). Also diagnostics and treatments are performed for disease of pancreas, liver, bile blister and bile tracts as well as parasitic diseases of alimentary canal.

Attention is taken on a safety diagnostic investigations and endoscopic treatments. Disinfections of the equipment is performed using western remedies of highest effectiveness in the decay of bacterium, viruses and fungi.



For cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes an automatic washing-glove Mini ETD 2 PAA applying acetic acid is used. Small equipment sterilization, like biopsy forceps, diatermic loops and hot-biopsy, is performed with a Canadian apparatus Statim 2000. Only sterilized equipment is used in endoscopic treatments and in diagnostic investigations.